JAK the App is a web-based application consisting of 16 distinct, but inter-connected components. JAK is designed to manage the business aspect of school transportation departments, leaving  managers and decision-makers more time to focus on the people we transport.

This license-protected demo offers a window into some of the function included in the various components. To comply with the license agreement, please do not share your login credentials with any other potential user. We ask, instead, that each visitor register for a separate account by clicking our REGISTER link. Feel free to share the link!

Not all 16 components are included in the demo. We have chosen to focus on the more basic elements to allow users to see how user-friendly JAK is, and how a variety of users will interact with it.

The 16 components include:

  • Driver Qualification*
  • Driver Training and Evaluation*
  • Driver Continuing Education*
  • Student/Family Registration
  • Student Training and Evaluation
  • Student Discipline
  • Parent Access to Student Records
    • Bus Stop Look-up
    • Training Records
    • Discipline
  • Crash Investigation and Stop Arm Management
  • Stop Evaluation (Internal Use)
  • GPS Notifiers
    • Students/Parents
    • Substitute Bus Drivers
  • Public Education
  • Vehicle Maintenance and Annual Inspection Review
  • Route and System Evaluator
  • Daily Pre-Trip Manager (Interface with Maintenance and Vendors)
  • RFP Manager
  • Collaborative Routing

To purchase the components marked with an asterisk (*), visit our Store.